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01 September, 2022

Actually, information security is an operational responsibility, not just an IT issue. When we first look at information security, we might think that because IT section manage computer systems, they are responsible for controlling cyber risks and threats. 


As times flows, so do the cyber threats to everyday business; cybercriminals and hackers are using new techniques to put anyone in your business at risk; That’s why, protecting and securing information has become vital responsibility.


Because everyone within the company plays a role in protecting data and information, understanding that cybersecurity is a business risk, not just a technology risk, allows your business operations to cybersecurity holistically and practice the safety measures within the company.



What are the risks and Cyber Threats in the Businesses?


  • With the widespread online and digital capabilities of the business world, cybersecurity has never been more important. Even if your business doesn't sell or offer downloadable products online, your company may still have an online presence, leading to potential risks. Routine tasks like online banking, video conferencing, social media updates, website administration, or simply backing up data on cloud servers can put your company at risk. These everyday actions underscore the importance of cybersecurity. With just one breach, this can result in hefty fines and sometimes irreversible damage to your business reputation and credibility.


  • With so many digital threats, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is happening and the latest trends. More and more advanced hacking techniques are released worldwide. Hackers have developed professional plans, and their goal is not for fun, but for lucrative results. Cybercrime is growing so fast that competitors even hire cybercriminals to conduct industrial espionage, influence markets, and even disrupt infrastructure.